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If you wish to contact us in writing please use the postal address below:

Wiltshire Pension Fund
County Hall
BA14 8JN

Tel: 01225 713613

Email: pensionenquiries@wiltshire.gov.uk

Fax Number: 01225 713645

Active members, deferred members and scheme employers should contact the Benefits Team with any queries

Benefits Team

The Benefits Administration Team deal with employees of around 150 employers that participate in the Local Government Pension Scheme administered by Wiltshire Council.

For all general benefit enquiries and queries about benefit statements you can email pensionenquiries@wiltshire.gov.uk or call the hunt number 01225 713613

Benefits Manager: Jennie Green - 01225 713611 -  jennie.green@wiltshire.gov.uk

Senior Pension Officers duties include all types of retirements including redundancy, flexible and ill health. They also process non LGPS transfers in and out of the Fund, death cases and requests for information regarding divorce proceedings.

Senior Pension Officers Telephone Email
Debbie Rawlings01225 718727     debbie.rawlings@wiltshire.gov.uk    
Sharon Bedwell01225 718726     sharon.bedwell@wiltshire.gov.uk     
Sharon Evans01225 713614.    sharon.evans@wiltshire.gov.uk

Pension Officers duties include all types of retirements, estimates, transfers between Local Government Pension Funds, payment of deferred benefits and amendments to pensions in payment,

Pension Officers Telephone Email
Annette Jarvis01225 718729    annette.jarvis@wiltshire.gov.uk    
Ian Gaffikin01225 718594    ian.gaffikin@wiltshire.gov.uk        
Denise Seus01225 713619    denise.seus@wiltshire.gov.uk      
Maz Jenkinson01225 718432    maz.jenkinson@wiltshire.gov.uk    
Luke Webster01225 718562luke.webster@wiltshire.gov.uk

Pension Assistants duties include setting new starters up in the scheme, changes of employees personal data, early leavers from the scheme, including deferred benefits and refunds. Also dealing with general correspondence received in the office.

Pension Assistants Telephone Email
Matt Thorpe01225 713733Matthew.Thorpe@wiltshire.gov.uk
Elaine Doogue01225 716172     elaine.doogue@wiltshire.gov.uk  
Lorraine Thompson    01225 718015lorraine.thompson@wiltshire.gov.uk

Other contacts


If you have a query regarding your current pension payment, tax or a change in bank details, please use the following contact information:

Scheme Contact Telephone Email
Wiltshire Pension Fund (LGPS)    Janine Davies01225 713606pensionerspayrollteam@wiltshire.gov.uk
Fire SchemeMichaela Orasnjak (Team Leader)/Zoe Catlow/Lyn Tutty     01392 381536/380759Payrollfireteam-Mailbox@devon.gov.uk   


01225 713645

Postal address

Wiltshire Pension Fund
County Hall
BA14 8JN

Face to Face

Both members and employers are welcome to visit us by appointment during office hours. We can offer a private interview room for confidential matters. Please feel free to call us to arrange a time that is convenient for you. The office is open from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

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