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Opting Out of the Scheme



From 1 April 2014 the Local Government Pension Scheme is changing.

The information contained on this page relates to the 2008 scheme. For information relaiting to the LGPS 2014 Scheme can be found at www.lgps2014.org

You can choose to leave the pension scheme at any time during your employment, although you should carefully consider the benefits that you are giving up.

If you decide to opt out of the scheme, you will need to complete an opt out form and send it to your employer.

If you started your pensionable employment after 1st April 2004 and choose to leave the scheme within 3 months, you should have your contributions refunded through your payroll.

If you make a decision that you do not want to be in the scheme, it is best to opt out before deductions are even taken. You can find the form in your starter pack to make sure this happens

If you opt out after three months, you will have the same choice as a leaver with more than 3 months service.

If you joined before 1st April 2004, please contact us as slightly different regulations will apply.

For more information see our our guide "Leaving your job before retirement".or contact us for further information

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