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Affordable Housing Impact Report 2023

Affordable Housing Impact Report cover image

25 April 2023

We are proud to present our first Affordable Housing Impact Report as at 31 March 2023! 

The purpose of this report is to inform stakeholders about Wiltshire Pension Fund's Impact Affordable Housing portfolio. It provides key facts and highlights the potential for stable, secured inflation-linked investment returns whilst benefiting residents, local communities within the UK, and the wider economy. 

The social benefit from investing in these types of homes is completely integral to the investment case.  We need to make sure that the managers who we have selected to deliver this portfolio are investing in line with their strategies, and the best way to do this is to monitor both the financial returns and also the positive impacts they are generating.  We do this by collecting several metrics for our portfolio, which are detailed and explained within our report.  We have also included case studies and other related information, in a simple and easy-to-read format. 

We hope you enjoy the report!

Affordable Housing Impact Report 2023 (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)

The homes in our portfolio are located in areas with average affordability of 10.5, 27% higher than the national average of 8.3. This means that homes in our portfolio are generally being created in areas where affordability is more challenging for local residents. 

You can also drill down into the detail of this portfolio, and see where we are adding new affordable homes, by using our interactive map!  Each pin on the map represents one of the developments which we are invested in through our portfolio.  Click on a pin to learn more - you can find details about the site including its size and location.  You will also see the affordability ratio for 2022.  This is the ratio of average house price to earnings in the local area, as calculated by the Office for National Statistics.


Want to Learn More?

A site visit to a local investment is featured in our mini docu-film, part of the Purposeful Pension project with the Pensions Management Institute! 

Purposeful pensions text with logos with image of tree in the background
Purposeful Pensions - its landed!
Aerial view of whole  site
Investing in our own backyard
affordable housing
Affordable Housing Update
New build homes
Wiltshire Pension Fund Affordable Housing Commitment



Our UK affordable housing portfolio is delivering against its objectives, and we can see that our managers are delivering positive impacts for both people and the planet. We will continue to monitor and report on our progress in this area.

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