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How We're Growing Our Own: Cultivating Expertise Through Education

How we are growing our own Infographic with team picture in background, all content is listed within the news article.

To celebrate Learning at Work Week 2024, we open the book on our investments in education and highlight our commitment to "Growing our own" through promoting career development and training.  

Wiltshire Pension Fund Team photo in the office
Education is one of our "Social" pillars and is a theme that we have set as a stewardship priority. 

When looking at our investments, we are keen to learn more about any investments directly in the education sector, but we are also very interested in how companies are dealing with education of their own employees, i.e. training and development. 

This is a valuable tool to upskill staff and encourage progression and retention, so is something we expect that successful businesses will be managing well. 

In this article, we want to share a bit more about what we are doing at home, to demonstrate that we are following the same standards we set for others.

Find out more about why it matters to us, what we have done and hear from our amazing team below! 

Why does this matter to WPF?

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Resourcing is something that has been widely acknowledged to be a challenge in the world of the LGPS. 

In our latest Business Plan, "Our pathway to success", we have set out a resourcing plan, which sets a goal of a resilient, skilled and motivated workforce. 

One of our resourcing core principles to deliver this goal is "Grow Your Own", which promotes career development and training.

So what have we done?

Infographic with how we are growing our own highlights, all content is listed on the page

  •  We have created career-graded roles, which allow members of the team to build their technical knowledge and skills and progress in their careers.
  • All staff have tailored training plans, to support them in achieving their goals.
  •  The entire team have attended training on "creating an inclusive workplace", to support our culture and service to our members.
  • Several members of the team have been supported in achieving professional qualifications.
  • We have celebrated several promotions within our team, ranging from people climbing up the career grades to promotions to manager level.

Don't just take our word for it!  Hear from our amazing team...

Nat Avatar

Wiltshire Pension Fund is a fantastic place to work.  As a woman and former foreign national I have always felt I was supported and have always been encouraged by my managers to be the best I can and add to my skills throughout my time here. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are not just words. Here in WPF actions speak louder than words! Sky is the limit if you try harder!

Having arrived in the UK in 2005, my first priority was to set about learning the language and gaining my UK citizenship. Previously having a successful career in finance in Ukraine, I studied the AAT qualification gaining full AAT membership, which made my degree in accounting UK compliant.

In 2014 I joined Wiltshire Council as a Payroll Practitioner, being a proud member of the Wiltshire Pension Fund team from 2019.

I started as a Pension Assistant in the Member Services team and was promoted within one year to a Data Officer role in the Employer Services team. During this time, I had the opportunity to complete my CIPP qualification, receiving a Certificate in Pension Administration. This really boosted my knowledge in pensions. With extensive internal and external training opportunities, self-discipline and my personal aspirations, as soon as the Fund's career grading was introduced, I was promoted to a Principal Officer role in January 2023.

From March 2023 I was offered to act up as the Employer Services Work Management Officer covering maternity leave. I don't know what my next move is going to be, but I am absolutely certain that I will stay with pensions.

Nat Harrison, Employer Services Work Management Officer

Avatar image of WPF staff member

Since joining Wiltshire Pension Fund in 2021 as an Accounting and Investments Officer I have been incredibly well supported to develop my skills and knowledge through regular internal and external training, enabling me to achieve the CFA UK IMC qualification.

Professional development is actively encouraged, and opportunities are always available for me to develop my skills and knowledge. Working at the fund provides opportunities to further my career, I have recently been promoted to the role of Investment and Accounting Team Lead, I am being supported in this step up through an internal leadership course, which has provided me access to specialist training and a mentor.

Within the team I lead I have established pathways for career development and training in line with the Funds values.  The flexible working policies are great, allowing me to balance a young family with work and home life. I split my time between working from home and using the high-quality office space to meet colleagues in person.

Chris Moore, Investment and Accounting Team Lead

Avatar image of WPF team member

Joining Wiltshire Pension Fund in 2013 as an admin assistant, I have regularly received internal and external training to help me develop. More recently, I have completed the Foundations degree in Pensions administration and management.

The Managers here have always supported me and helped to guide my personal skills to help me progress. I am keen to continue this supportive culture as a result of my recent management promotion.

Looking forward, I have been given the option to complete the Leadership course provided in connection with Wiltshire Council to further my leadership skills.

Having been given the opportunity to further my education and skills by my employer has been fundamental to my journey and success here. Being offered several internal promotions, I am excited about how far my development will go, mostly thanks to the support of the managerial team at Wiltshire Pension Fund. 

Matthew Thorpe, Member Services Manager


We are so proud of the achievements of our amazing team members, and the benefits of a supportive culture with a strong focus on training, development and empowerment are evident, leading to a more motivated and resilient workforce.

We aspire to be role models and leaders, through our commitment to develop knowledge and training

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