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Purposeful Pensions

3 February 2023

Purposeful pensions text with logos with image of tree in the background

Purposeful pensions text with logos with image of tree in the background

Late last year Wiltshire Pension Fund were delighted to be approached by zinc media to be a part of a multi- part documentary- Purposeful Pensions, shining a spotlight on investments in the pensions industry.

With the release date imminently approaching we are delighted to be finally sharing this project with you!

What is it all about?

With the market value of pension funds reaching £2.5 trillion in March 2022, while gross assets excluding derivatives was £3.0 trillion*, this huge industry is set within a complex regulatory environmentand a changing investment landscape.

By working in partnership with the PMI, this project is going to breakdown the barriers around pensions, bring greater awareness of the great career opportunities available, as well as support the PMI members and wider network to communicate the positive impact pensions can have on society, the environment and the economy as a whole, with a particular focus on ESG in pensions.

The series consists of a number of short-form documentary films,shot around the country, featuring human-interest stories from those at the front line of this powerful sector aiming to engage and celebrate on a national scale.'


-       Zinc Media

Sheep grazing in solar farm field

Wiltshire Pension Fund recognises the huge importance of investing in socially and environmentally beneficial assets, with a goal of protecting the investments from climate change risk, and safeguarding the financial future of the Fund.

The case studies selected to feature in the film directly show how the fund invests in socially beneficial investments, as well as sustainable, low-carbon assets, which following a recent survey to our members was something they also wanted to see.

Our team were delighted to have the opportunity to not only be a part of this project, but also have the opportunity to engage with our investors, gaining a more detailed insight into these investment portfolios.


Production days

A huge thank you to zinc media's production team on the filming days for their patience and guidance, there is a lot more to it than just talking to a camera!

Featuring in the film was our very own Head of Wiltshire Pension Fund, Jennifer Devine and Chris Moore, Investment and Accounting Team Lead.

They did fantastic on the day, and dare I say had some fun along the way!

Whether it's a solar farm or an affordable housing development, it's the fund's firm belief that investing in positive social and environmental assets can be done in conjunction with achieving a competitive financial return. Wiltshire Pension Fund wants their members to feel proud that their contributions are helping to deliver positive change for future generations and for the planet.

Film release coming soon!

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