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What's cooking in the WPF Kitchen

WPF Kitchen with logo for Wiltshire Pension Fund, on kitchen counter with assorted fruit and veg creating a frame.

Welcome to the WPF Kitchen!

This week we are excited to announce that we have a fun series of news posts on the menu, sharing information on the hard work our amazing team have been doing in order to drive through improvements to service delivery, with a goal of achieving better outcomes for our employers and members, in line with our vision...

We acknowledge that we have work to do to improve our service delivery, and we are taking this very seriously.  In January 2023, we went live with a new team structure, which put in place the foundations we need in order to deliver the required improvements.  It has been a few months now, and we are already seeing progress and changes from the team.  This week you will be hearing from different members of the team, highlighting the work that they have been doing in order to deliver a recipe for success.

What will we be covering;

  • Day 1 - intro to the week.
  • Day 2 - our Service Improvement Lead Analyst, Matt, will tell us all about the work that the Service Improvement Team have been carrying out.
  • Day 3 - our Data, Reporting and Performance Lead, Katy, will provide an insight into the management information she has been creating, and how we can use this to deliver better outcomes.
  • Day 4 - our Communications and Customer Engagement Manager, Krystie, will share our plans to deliver customer service excellence.
  • Day 5 - our Projects Lead, Laura, will set out how we have partnered with other organisations in order to add value through large outsourced projects, and how these are delivering for us.

We hope you will enjoy reading about all the improvements we have been cooking up!

Fund Vision goals ,straight forward administration, correct pension paid timely, accurate up-to -date records, positive impact, working together as one fund and data driven decisions

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