Now Recruiting: Scheme Member Representative at Wiltshire Pension Fund

The role of the Scheme Member Representative will be to ensure that the Fund is complying with legislation relating to its governance and administration.

How to Vote

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Rob Lauder

Asifa Ashraf

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to provide my National Insurance Number?

Yes, the submission of your National Insurance Number (NINO) is required so that the Returning Officer can verify your right to vote in this election against Pension Fund records.

As your NINO is classed as personal data you will need to confirm your consent on the ballot paper that the Pension Fund can use your NINO to verify your legitimate right to vote.

The Pension Fund is fully compliant with the Data Protection Action 2018. Consequently, the Fund can confirm that your personal data is secure. Please see the Fund’s Privacy Note for more details (see link)  

Who can vote?

All active members of the Fund, who were active members on the date of expiry of the current post holder’s term of office, the 14th July 2019, can vote. 

When can I cast my vote?

Eligible votes can be cast between 9am on 12th August & 5pm on 30th August.

Who are the candidates?

The candidates have provided a brief biography of themselves which accompanies this FAQ document and ballot paper. Candidates biographies have also been uploaded to the Wiltshire Pension Fund’s website which can be found by following the attached link (see link)

Do I need to register to vote?

There is no requirement to register. Your entitlement to vote arises from your active membership of the Fund as at 14th July 2019.

How do I vote?

You can vote by completing the electronic voting form attached and pressing “Submit vote”. Alternatively, you can print off the voting form, complete it and return it to the Pensions Department, at Wiltshire Pension Fund c/o the contact details at the end of this FAQ. Note: There are no polling stations in this election.

If neither of the options above are appropriate to you, but you would like to vote, please contact the Pensions Department who will provide you with a specific ballot paper based on your individual need. For example, a large print option.

Can a third-party vote on my behalf?

If you know that you will be unavailable to vote yourself during the period of the ballot, but would still like to vote, you should contact the Pensions Department prior to the voting period & inform the Pension’s Department of the following information;

  • Your details;
  • The details of the individual who you would like to vote on your behalf; and
  • The reason for not being able to vote yourself.

Will my vote remain confidential?

Yes, your vote will be kept secret and your NINO will only be used to verify your right to take part in this election.

Can I vote more than once?

No. The Returning Officer will review the votes submitted & where more than one vote has been received with the same NINO, only the first correct vote will be accepted. All subsequent votes cast will be classed as spoilt ballot papers.

What will the Fund do with spoilt ballot papers?

As part of the publication of the results the Fund will also declare the number of spoilt ballot papers. Examples of spoilt ballot papers will include;

  • Incomplete ballot papers, where for example a NINO has not been record on the paper;
  • A ballot paper which has not been submitted within the specified period; and
  • A ballot paper received from a member, or other person who was not an active member on 14th July 2019.

What happens if I don’t vote?

If you don’t vote nothing will happen, it will just mean that you haven’t used your opportunity to have a say and get your voice heard.

How were the candidates chosen?

Candidates nominate themselves for the position of Local Pension Board Active Member Representative between 17th June & 22nd July, following which a panel of Pension Fund officials will have verified their suitability for candidacy via a scoring process. Each candidate will need to attain a minimum threshold score to progress to the ballot stage. The crucial requirements for candidacy are set out in the advert & role description for the vacancy, copies of which can be found on the Fund’s website (see link). In addition, candidates must fulfil the following criteria;

  • They must not create a conflict of interest in taking on this role;
  • They must satisfy the panel of Pension Fund officials that they will be able to represent the whole membership of the Fund.

Who will be sitting on the panel of Pension Fund officials?

  • Becky Hellard – Director of Finance & Procurement
  • Andy Cunningham – Head of Pensions Administration & Relations
  • Jennifer Devine – Pension Fund Investment Manager
  • Elizabeth Muir – Solicitor on behalf of the Director Legal, Electoral & Registration Services

Who is the Returning Officer?

Libby Johnstone, Acting Democratic Governance Manager in Wiltshire Council’s Democratic Services Department will act as the Pension Fund’s Returning Officer.

In the event that you have an enquiry or compliant concerning the election process it should in the first instance be directed to Libby, who will work with the Council’s Legal, electoral & registration services team to manage & adjudicate on your enquiry.

When will the votes be counted?

The votes will be counted following closing of the voting period and be completed by 3rd September.

The results will remain secret until they are presented to the Full Council meeting for ratification.

How is the winning candidate determined? 

The winning candidate will be determined by simple majority. In the event of a tie the winning candidate will be determined by the suitability score recorded by the panel and retained by the Returning Officer.

The winning candidate details will then be presented at the next Full Council meeting for ratification. This is due to take place on 15th October.

When & where will the election results be announced?

The results will be published on the Pension Fund’s website from 18th October (see link) and remain on the website for six weeks (Namely 30th November 2019).

Returning Officer contact details

During the ballot period (12th August to 30th August) all enquiries should be submitted to the Returning Officer. The Returning Officer is;

Name: Libby Johnstone, Acting Democratic Governance Manager

Tel: 01225 718214

Email: Libby.John[email protected]

Wiltshire Pension Fund Contact details

Outside of the ballot period all enquiries should be submitted to the Wiltshire Pension Fund. The contact details are;

Name: Richard Bullen, Fund Governance & Performance Manager

Tel: 01225 771667

Email: [email protected]

Address: Pension Department, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 8JN

Website address:


To vote via post, please download and complete the Paper Voting Form