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How we run The Fund

Local Pension Board

The Local Pension Board (LPB) oversees the management of Wiltshire Pension Fund.

The Board's role is to assist the Fund in ensuring the efficient and effective governance and administration of the LGPS. This means ensuring that the Fund is compliant with relevant legislation with the aim to safeguard the interest of all Pension Fund members and associated employer organisations.

The LPB sits alongside the Wiltshire Pension Fund committee in an oversight role, to assist by reviewing governance arrangements of the Fund and ensuring policies and procedures are correctly implemented and followed. The Board consists of:

  • 3 scheme member representatives, and

  • 3 employer representatives

  • 1 non-voting Independent Chair

Full details of the Local Pension Board meetings, agendas, papers and minutes can be found via our Wiltshire Council (opens new window) pages.

The current board members


If you have any questions regarding the Local Pension Board or would like further information please contact us by either calling 01225 713620 or emailing

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