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What we invest in and why (Strategic asset allocation)

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Our investment strategy is set up to give us a high probability of earning the returns we need over the long term.

We invest in a very broad mix of assets, in order to manage risk through diversification, which means that under normal market conditions our assets should behave differently, responding to different drivers of risk and return, which protects us and smooths returns. You can see our current long-term strategic asset allocation (i.e. the mix of assets we invest in) below:

2022-2023 Long Term Strategic Asset Allocation

How to find out more

Visit our news pages, where we regularly publish case studies about specific investments in our portfolio and broader investment themes. 

Would you like to know more about our investment approach?  Visit our How we do it (our approach) page to find out more! 

View our Annual Report to find out about:

  • Recent investment performance
  • Our funding level
  • The overall financial health of the Fund
  • And more...

View our Annual Report

View our Equity Holdings

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